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Employability Service

The Employability service is aimed specifically at young people aged 16-21 who are supported by their local Health and Social Care Trust and the services helps those young people reach their potential as they prepare to enter the world of work.

The service aims to improve young people’s participation in education, employment and training in the western area by working with local employers to coordinate:

  • Job tastersinclude YOUTH
  • Group tours of difference work places
  • Longer term work placements & traineeships
  • Links to essential skills provision and other training
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Employment opportunities

The employability services is managed by Include Youth (independent voluntary organisation) for the Western Trust.

What support does the employability service offer local employers:
  • Access to support from well prepared, matched and highly motivated volunteers at no cost
  • Improved productivity through additional free help
  • Improved morale leading to customer satisfaction and retention
  • Accredited mentoring skills training available to the employer’s staff
  • Free recruitment service that meets equality obligations
  • Improved diversity, equality and Corporate Social Responsibility outcomes
  • The feel-good factor experienced when helping to change lives
How does this service help people?

A mentor who supported a young person on placement said: “Having the young person working alongside me introduces a new voice on some things and brings in new ideas. It is a process of learning together and helping to relax… the decision to have a placement within our department is of a great benefit to both myself and my manager.”

Young person talking about their placement: “I’m more happy and confident in myself. I’ve met some great people who are always encouraging and just treat me like another member of the team. Now I have plans for the future. I never thought I’d be this happy!”

How can you get involved?

If you are interested in giving our young people the opportunity to help you, while also benefitting from free professional support, contact: Laura Ebbitt, Western Trust employability worker at Include Youth – Details below or visit the Include Youth website:

Further Resources

Western Trust Employability Service Leaflet


Laura Ebbitt - Western Trust Employability Worker at Include Youth

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