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  • What is Involvement?

    What is Involvement?

    Involvement is a process in which staff, service users and/or carers work together to influence services. The process respects and blends both ‘lived’ experience and ‘professional’ experience; it places people at the heart of services, involving them from the outset in the commissioning, design, delivery and assessment of services.

    Involvement may happen at a number of levels:

    • Level 1 – Involved in agreeing support/care plan with Social Worker and your relative
    • Level 2 – Involved in evaluating services
    • Level 3 – Involved in developing services
    • Level 4 – Setting priorities and allocating resources for the future at service directorate level
    • Level 5 – Commissioning and policy development at organisational or regional level

    Values of Involvement

    • Dignity and respect
    • Collaboration and Partnership
    • Transparency and Openness
    • Inclusivity, Equity and Diversity

    Principles of Involvement

    1. Leadership & accountability
    2. Supporting involvement
    3. Valuing expertise
    4. Creating opportunity
    5. Clarity of purpose
    6. Doing it the right way
    7. Information & communication
    8. Accessible & responsive
    9. Developing understanding and accountability
    10. Building capacity
    11.  Improving safety & quality
    12. Outcomes focused
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