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  • What is Involvement?

    What is Involvement?

    Involvement is a process in which staff, service users and/or carers work together to influence services. The process respects and blends both ‘lived’ experience and ‘professional’ experience; it places people at the heart of services, involving them from the outset in the commissioning, design, delivery and assessment of services.

    Involvement may happen at a number of levels:

    • Level 1 – Involved in agreeing support/care plan with Social Worker and your relative
    • Level 2 – Involved in evaluating services
    • Level 3 – Involved in developing services
    • Level 4 – Setting priorities and allocating resources for the future at service directorate level
    • Level 5 – Commissioning and policy development at organisational or regional level

    Values of Involvement

    • Dignity and respect
    • Collaboration and Partnership
    • Transparency and Openness
    • Inclusivity, Equity and Diversity

    Principles of Involvement

    1. Leadership & accountability
    2. Supporting involvement
    3. Valuing expertise
    4. Creating opportunity
    5. Clarity of purpose
    6. Doing it the right way
    7. Information & communication
    8. Accessible & responsive
    9. Developing understanding and accountability
    10. Building capacity
    11.  Improving safety & quality
    12. Outcomes focused

    Involvement Model to aid the delivery of Adult Learning Disability Services in the Western Trust

    The Western Trust Adult Learning Disability Service continues to test and support a model of Involvement in which service users, carers and Trust staff work together to shape and influence service delivery in the Western Trust Region.

    The ‘Hub and Spoke’ model consists of 5 Local Involvement Groups (LIG’s), who work together to identify priorities for their local area. The 5 Local Involvement Groups are in Limavady, Derry, Strabane, Omagh and Fermanagh. These groups meet approximately every 8 times per year.

    These groups, in turn, nominate members to represent their local group on the Strategic Involvement Group which is attended by senior members of the WHSCT and meets each quarter.

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  • Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) Contact Details
    New PPI Facilitator for Adult Learning Disability Services Roles

    There have been two new PPI Facilitators for Adult Learning Disability Services within the Western Trust – view the videos below for a short introduction to their roles.

    Jonathan McGuigan – Southern Sector –

    Telephone: 028 8283 5124

    Deirdre Kelly – Northern Sector –

    Telephone: 028 7186 4323