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Our priorities and performance

The Western Trust is constantly striving to improve the service we provide and having robust performance management, monitoring and accountability arrangements in place is key to achieving this.  In addition, as a public body, the Western Trust has a responsibility to ensure that it puts all its resources (funding, staff and equipment) to the best possible use for the benefit of the community it serves.

The Trust has in place internal performance management and accountability arrangements to monitor how well it is doing this and provide assurance to its Trust Board, the Department of Health,  the Strategic Planning and Performance Group and the public that it is fulfilling this obligation.

The Trust’s internal arrangements cover all aspects of performance such as meeting targets and quality standards and how resources are being managed. These all come under the scrutiny of Trust Board and its sub-committees.  The Trust’s Directors are responsible for different areas of performance and they provide detailed reports for Trust Board on a monthly basis.  These arrangements ensure that underperformance in any area is quickly detected and investigated and that appropriate action is taken to ensure improvement.

Externally, on an annual basis the Department of Health sets out a wide range of performance targets for each Trust in Northern Ireland which are detailed in Priorities for Action.  These cover the following areas:

  • Service delivery and the experience of our service users;
  • Financial performance;
  • Governance performance;
  • Service levels agreed with Commissioners;
  • Performance targets achieved;
  • Performance associated with staffing.

The Trust’s performance in all these areas is monitored by the Department of Health and the SPPG.

Targets and standards are also set by other groups and organisations which are aimed at promoting best practice and high standards within health and social care.

Performance Management Report, Oct – Dec 2023

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