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About Us

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Who We Are

The Western Trust Children’s and Young People’s Service aims to provide support, intervention and assessment for children, young people and their families once presenting characteristics of Autism have been identified. The Service is made up of a range of professionals who are here to the family through this journey.


Who you might meet

The multi-disciplinary team consists of a range of professionals including; Community Paediatricians, Speech and Language Therapists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Health Visitors, Autism Practitioners, Social Workers, Advanced Intervention Therapists, Autism Specialist Support Workers and Nurses.


Your JourneyChildren and Young People's Autism Service Leaflet

Download and Print our Service Leaflet for further details 

Step 1: Early Intervention Service 

The Early Intervention Service is the crucial first step in your journey within our team. We aim to provide support, advice and intervention to you and your family in a timely fashion while recognising your child’s individual strengths.  You are required to book onto the first information session at your earliest opportunity.

Step 2: Assessment

This is the next step in your child’s journey. This process is tailored to the individual needs of each child and their family and involves multi-professional specialist assessment.

Step 3: Outcome

Following assessment one of the following decisions will be agreed with you.

  • If diagnostic criteria is not met, your child will be discharged from the Children & Young People’s Autism Service. Onward referral to other agencies/services may be made as appropriate with consent.
  • A period of time for a watchful wait is agreed to allow further time for a child to access intervention or further developmental maturation.
  • A diagnosis is confirmed and you will be offered post diagnostic support.

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