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Dementia Services

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Worried about changes in yours or someone else’s memory or behaviour?
We all misplace things from time to time, forget names and have changes in our mood. It only becomes a problem if it is beginning to disrupt everyday life. If it is worrying you or someone you know then it is important to talk to your GP.

Assessment by a GP is important to rule out other common treatable problems which can account for memory loss or behaviour changes. These can include depression, infections, sleep disorders, vitamin and thyroid deficiencies. Your GP will be able to carry out some simple tests and either re-assure you, tell you what’s wrong or refer you to a relevant specialist for further tests. If your GP has ruled out other possible causes for your memory loss and behaviour changes he may refer you to the Western Trust’s memory assessment service.

Below are links to useful leaflets outlining the common signs of dementia, how to get a diagnosis and the support available after diagnosis.

Memory Assessment Service

The Trust’s memory service is made up of specialist doctors, nurses, psychologists and occupational therapists. Once your GP has referred you to the memory assessment service you will be invited for an initial assessment that usually lasts about 1 and a half hours. Occasionally you may be asked to attend a further appointment with a psychologist for more detailed memory testing. You may also be referred for a head scan. If a clinical diagnosis is reached you will be asked to attend an appointment with the doctor.

Please click here for the Memory Assessment Leaflet

Referral process – video – click to view

Post diagnosis support

If you receive a dementia diagnosis you will be given information on the type of dementia you have, treatments, local services available and other key issues you need to consider to help you prepare for the future.

Find below the available information:

Your family or carer will receive a copy of the Trust’s Dementia Carers Guide.

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Post Diagnosis Support

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