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Adult Safeguarding

Our Service

The Western Trust Adult Safeguarding Service can provide information, advice, support and protection for any adult who may be at risk of harm from abuse, exploitation or neglect.

What is abuse, exploitation or neglect?
  • physical abuse (hitting, pushing, kicking)
  • sexual violence and abuse (being touched in private places, being sexually assaulted)
  • psychological/emotional abuse (bullying, name calling, insults)
  • financial abuse (stealing money or valuables)
  • institutional abuse (mistreatment)
  • neglect (not getting food or having your care needs met)
  • exploitation (taking advantage of another person, abusing a position of power)

This abuse can occur in any setting either in the persons own home, a care home, hospital, day centre, place of employment etc. and can be committed by any person.


Adult Safeguarding is about protecting adults, aged 18 or over, who may be at risk of harm from abuse, exploitation or neglect and who also may not be able to protect themselves from the action or inaction of others.

If you have a concern that you or someone you know is or may be, at risk of harm you can contact:

  • The Western Trust Adult Protection Gateway Team: Tel. 028 7161 1366 (Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm)
  • The Regional Emergency Social Work Service: Tel. 028 9504 9999 (5.00pm to 9.00am and Public Holidays)


Further ResourcesAdult Safeguarding - Prevention and Protection in Partnership

The Regional Adult Safeguarding Policy “Adult Safeguarding Prevention and Protection in Partnership” 



What is Adult Safeguarding Video

Locations where this service is delivered


WHSCT Adult Protection Gateway Team

Call us02871611366

Regional Emergency Social Work Service

Call us02895049999

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