Emergency Department


We have two Emergency Departments in the Western Trust. One in Altnagelvin Hospital, Londonderry and one in South West Acute Hospital, Enniskillen.

Our Emergency Departments provide urgent and emergency medical services to the community. We are operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Within the departments we have a resuscitation area where we see the sickest patients, a majors area and an ambulatory area within which our minor injury service is provided.

  • Phone First

    Phone First

    A new ‘Phone First’ service is being rolled out to cover the Western Trust’s Altnagelvin and South West Acute Hospital’s Emergency Departments and the Urgent Care and Treatment Unit in Omagh Hospital, with effect from 08:00 am on Monday 25th January 2021 and will run from 08:00am to 12 Midnight 7 days per week.

    The service is designed for patients, including children, who are feeling unwell and considering travelling to an ED or Minor Injuries Unit with an injury or illness which requires urgent treatment but is not immediately life threatening.

    When you call the ‘Phone First’ service your condition, or that of the person you are calling on behalf of, will be clinically assessed and arrangements made for you to access the most appropriate service to your needs. At present units in the Western Trust are only offering booked appointments for minor injuries in adults. You may receive telephone advice on minor illness via the phone first service or be directed to see your General Practitioner or to attend ED.

    The ‘Phone First’ number to ring is 0300 020 6000

    The ‘Phone First’ text relay number is 0870 240 5152

    For all emergencies that are life threatening always call 999 immediately. This can include: Stroke, heart attack, loss of consciousness, breathing difficulties, severe bleeding or major trauma.

  • Attending the Emergency Department

    On your arrival to the department please book in at reception. All patients will then be triaged by a trained nurse.

    You may have to wait longer than we would like. Patients will be seen in order of medical priority and service required rather than time of arrival into the department.

    If you are attending when our Emergency Department is busy, and if it is possible for you, we ask that you bring only one family member or friend to avoid overcrowding in our waiting areas.

    We do not give out waiting times or medical advice over the phone. We are a busy department and these phone calls may interrupt our clinical care of sick patients. If you feel it is an emergency then please attend the department.

  • Urgent Care and Treatment Centre

    The Urgent Care and Treatment Centre (UCTC) at the Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex is a Nurse-led Minor Injuries Unit which is operational 24 hours a day and is fully supported by 24/7 x-ray facility.

    The team consists of Emergency Nurse Practitioners who will see, treat and discharge the full range of presenting minor injuries. Minor injuries include:

    • Minor head injuries, where there has been no loss of consciousness
    • Scalp wounds
    • Facial injuries, which include eye injuries e.g. – Foreign body in eye
    • Suturing for minor wounds
    • Eye infection
    • Shoulder, arm, hand sprains and fractures
    • Lower limb sprains and fractures, all of which can be x-rayed on site and treated appropriately and referred for follow up at outpatient clinics
    • Bites, stings, skin infections
    • Receive patients with chest pain and refer to the adjacent Cardiac Assessment Unit

    The staff receive telephone advice from Emergency Department Consultants in both the South West Acute and Altnagelvin Hospitals and use tele-medicine to assist with diagnosis.

    Telephone advice is also available 24/7 by contacting 028 8283 3169.

  • Out of Hours and other Healthcare Services

    There are different healthcare services available to help you find the right expert care to treat your condition. For minor, short term conditions, you can self-care or ask a pharmacist for advice. Emergency services deal with serious medical needs where there is a serious risk to life or your health.

    NI Direct – How to use your health services

  • Emergency Department Waiting Times

    Visit the NI Direct website for latest Emergency Department waiting times:

    Emergency Department Waiting Times

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