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Rapid Response Nursing

Rapid Response Nursing

The Rapid Response Team offers acute care at home even though you are still under the care of a Consultant in the hospital or your General Practitioner (GP) who has referred you to us. The nurses will call with you as often as you require a visit (up to 4 times per day). The nurses in the Rapid Response Team have been trained to carry out a variety of acute nursing skills in your own home such as intravenous injections and blood transfusions.The team work in the community from 8:00am to 12:00 midnight and cover all the Western Trust area. They work closely with your District nurse if you are known to them to ensure that you get the care you need.

What to do if your condition changes?

These nursing teams are highly skilled and will not hesitate to seek help if they are concerned about your condition. Therefore do not be afraid to discuss your concerns with your nurse. If at any time during the course of your treatment you require to be readmitted to hospital, the nursing team will speak to your Consultant’s Senior House Officer and GP to enable this process to occur.

Completion of Treatment

You may only require one  day of treatment or you may require up to six weeks of treatment depending on your condition. When your treatment has been completed, you will be discharged from the care of the Rapid Response Nursing Team.


You may have an appointment arranged through the hospital to attend the Outpatient Department in the next few weeks to be reviewed by your consultant or you may be advised at the time of discharge to return to your GP on completion of your treatment. The Rapid Response nursing staff will be happy to confirm these arrangements for you or your family to ensure that you have an uneventful recovery period.

Locations where this service is delivered


Rapid Response Team Londonderry, Limavady and Strabane

Maple Villa A

Gransha Park, Londonderry

BT47 6TF

Call us02871864342

Rapid Response Team Omagh

Critical Care Unit,

Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex,

7 Donaghanie Road,


Co. Tyrone

BT79 0NR

Call us07912046215

Rapid Response Team Enniskillen

South West Acute Hospital,

124 Irvinestown Road,


Co. Fermanagh

BT74 6DN

Call us07912046214

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