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The Western Trust Podiatry services are delivered by a team of HCPC registered podiatrists and podiatry assistants. Our aim is to improve the mobility, independence and quality of life for you the service users. We do this by assessing, diagnosing and treating a wide range of problems affecting the feet and lower limbs, with an emphasis on preventative care.

  • What We Do

    The podiatry team work across a range of clinical settings in the hospital and community to provide a comprehensive foot health service, which includes:

    • Nail surgery
    • Podiatric management of foot pathology for patients with the following conditions: diabetes, vascular, oncology, rheumatology and renal disease
    • Wound Care
    • Musculoskeletal service –  the treatment of mechanical foot problems with special appliances or insoles
    • Integrated Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service (ICATS)

    Podiatrists assess, diagnose and treat people with feet, ankle and lower limbs problems. They aim to improve mobility, independence and quality of life for their patients and to help reduce complications associated with all risk conditions affecting the feet.

    These problems can be caused by a range of conditions, including:

    • bone and joint disorders, for example, arthritis
    • soft tissue and muscular pathologies
    • neurological and circulatory diseases
    • foot injuries and infections caused by sports and other activities
  • Accessing Podiatry Services

    Referral to the Podiatry Service can be made via your GP, other health care professional or by yourself by contacting the Podiatry Team, contact details are below.
    All referrals are triaged on receipt as access criteria are in place for podiatry treatment.

  • Further Resources

    Taking Care of Your Feet – Patient Resource – Download and Print

    Podiatry Department Foot Health Advice Leaflet

    Taking Care of Your Feet – Fit Feet
    1. Wash your feet daily. Not too hot, too long or too soapy.
    2. Ensure to wipe clean between toes to prevent risk of infection.
    3. Moisturise feet and heels daily but not between toes.
    4. Cut nails straight across.
    5. File nails weekly.
    6. If your feet are sore check them for blisters, calluses, verrucae, rashes or bruises.
    7. Do not pick or peel at your feet.
    8. Apply a clean dressing on any wound or scratch.
    9. Red, swollen or hot toes or discoloured nails, seek advice from your podiatrist, GP or pharmacist.
    10. Always wear clean socks everyday.
    Spot the Difference

    Podiatry Foot Comparison

    • The space between the toe joints.
    • The space between the toes.
    • The bones of the feet.
    • The length and width of the foot.

    FACT! Poor fitting footwear is the main cause of painful callus and corns. Don’t let the size of your shoes bluff you… particularly if you wear slip-ons. Laced shows need to fit your feet differently.

    For further information contact your podiatrist. 

    A podiatrist is an Allied Health Professional (AHP) who deals with diagnosing and managing problems affecting the foot and lower limb. Degree qualified they are regulated by the HCPC to keep the public safe.

    For more information contact the Podiatry Dept:

    Derry/Londonderry: 028 7186 5100

    Omagh: 028 8283 5005 Ext 237437

    South West Acute Hospital: 028 6638 2111

    Urgent requests may also need a photo emailed to:

    Service access is through self and GP referral. It is important that all patients are registered with us for specialist foot health care.
    For more information visit:

Locations where this service is delivered


Foyle Area

Call us028 7186 5100

Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex

Call us028 8283 5005

Enniskillen Area

Call us028 6638 2111