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We have two maternity departments based at Altnagelvin Hospital in Londonderry and the South West Acute Hospital in Enniskillen:

  • Altnagelvin maternity department is a located in a modern-designed purpose-built unit in the South Wing of Altnagelvin Hospital, opened in February 2009.
  • The maternity department is located on the first floor of the state-of-the-art single room South West Acute Hospital outside Enniskillen.

The Trust also has community midwifery teams who provide services for women in the Limavady, Londonderry, Strabane, Omagh and Fermanagh localities.

Our teams
  • A professional team will care for you during your pregnancy and labour and following the birth of your baby.
  • Obstetricians are doctors who specialise in maternity care
  • Midwives provide complete care during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Community Midwives are midwives who work in your local community
  • Paediatricians are doctors who specialise in the care of babies and children
  • Anaesthetists are doctors who specialise in meical pain relief and are responsible for administering epidurals
  • Physiotherapist provide antenatal and postnatal exercise and relaxation advice
  • Social Workers provide advice and support in many circumstances
  • Dieticians specialise in dietary advice
  • Breastfeeding advisor provides advice and support for mothers with feeding difficulties
  • Parentcraft coordinator provides antenatal education
  • Antenatal screening coordinator is responsible for the screening of all bloods taken and acting on the results, if necessary
  • Supervisor of midwives – is a practising midwives who has been appointed to ensure that the care women receive from midwives is safe and of high quality. She does this by making sure that midwives have up-to-date information and training, and by providing them with guidance and support. If you have any concerns regarding your care contact the relevant supervisor (see Contact Us below).

As soon as you have a positive pregnancy test you can refer yourself directly for maternity care with your midwife in the Western Trust. Please complete the form below and leave the it at your Health Centre Reception. The Community Midwife will arrange an appointment for you and also notify your GP of your pregnancy.

Self-Referral Form

Paying Patient Form

Maternity Services Booklet

The Western Trust has a Maternity Services Booklet for expecting mums. Our maternity booklet is designed to give you information about your care during pregnancy, child birth and after your birth. We hope that you find this guide helpful as it will give you information on scans, birth plans, induction of labour, midwifery led unit, feeding your baby and much more. However please feel free to discuss any aspect of your care with our midwives and doctors, we are here to help. Click here to view our booklet.

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COVID 19 Arrangements for Maternity Services

Remember you can still contact your own Community Midwife on the number on the front of your Green Maternity Notes.

Locations where this service is delivered


Midwives Supervisor - Altnagelvin and Parentcraft Classes

Call us02871345171

Midwives Supervisor - South West Acute Hospital

Call us02866382000

Maternal and Fetal Assessment Unit

Call us02871611412