Learning Disability

The Western Trust provides Clinical Psychology services to individuals with a Learning Disability across the lifespan and their families.

We operate an open referral system where the individual themselves, family members or other professionals can refer. Types of service available include:

  • Psychometric assessment e.g.  to determine whether person falls within the remit of Learning Disability services (gate-keeping), to ascertain current level of intellectual functioning and social/adaptive abilities, to identify strengths and weaknesses in intellectual and social/adaptive ability with a view towards tailoring services towards individuals specific needs, to determine legal status, police investigation, court cases, to assess for the presence of dementia and other degenerative conditions associated with aging, some neuropsychological investigations.
  • Behavioural assessment & intervention with “Challenging Behaviour”
  • Assessment, formulation and implementation of psychological therapies re mental health/ emotional difficulties tailored for individuals with a Learning Disability.
  • Personal Relationships Work/ Leading Safer Sexual Lives
  • Parenting Assessments
  • Consultancy Service e.g. Service Planning – eg Daycare, Abuse of Vulnerable Adults, Staff Training
  • Childcare Case Conferences (Child protection / parenting issues)


Locations where this service is delivered


Clinical Psychology Team

Lakeview Treatment and Assessment Unit

Gransha Park,

Clooney Road,


Call us028 71865213

Dr Jennifer Galbraith, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Email usJennifer.galbraith@westerntrust.hscni.net

Lynsey McCleery, Clinical Psychologist

Email usLynsey.mccleery@westerntrust.hscni.net

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