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Western Trust post COVID-19 syndrome assessment and treatment service


Western Trust Post COVID 19 New Assessment And Treatment Team

We are now offering a new dedicated assessment and treatment service for people with post COVID-19 syndrome.

The Post COVID service aims to support those with longer-term physical or mental health symptoms, lasting more than 12 weeks since infection.

Since it commenced in March 2022, the multi-disciplinary team has supported over 200 patients referred by either their GP or hospital respiratory /cardiac consultant. 

Following an assessment by the team, which includes  Respiratory Nursing, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy professionals, patients are offered expert advice and may be offered further appointments with these professionals including referral to a dietitian, a speech and language therapist and a psychologist. Patients may also be referred to other services as needed to support them to manage their symptoms and help them with their recovery.

A personalised service focussing  on respiratory rehabilitation and dysfunctional breathing, is also being set up for patients with significant symptoms post COVID-19. A Specialist Nurse and Physiotherapist will offer support with assessment, rehabilitation and self-management of symptoms.

Welcoming the new service, Donna Keenan,  the Interim Director of Primary Care and Older People at the Western Trust said:  

“The Post COVID-19  service is a service that will provide support for people experiencing the symptoms of COVID and will assist them with their rehabilitation.”

“This is a very exciting opportunity for this dedicated team who are absolutely committed to supporting those with post COVID-19 syndrome with their recovery. The team will provide the patients with the knowledge and skills to self-manage their symptoms and develop new strategies for completing daily activities. 

“The team is now aiming to provide specialised support for the many patients who are reporting fatigue as a main symptom.

Donna added:

“The  critical care element of the PCS will provide a  clinical review and assessment of both Covid and non Covid patients who have been discharged from intensive care. This is a collaborate review where patients will be assessed by a critical care consultant, critical care nurse, and psychologist with a focus on their time within intensive care. Following review patients will be offered  onward referrals to specialist services to meet their identified needs.

“If you suspect you have post COVID-19 syndrome, please contact your GP

or hospital respiratory/cardiac consultant who can organise a referral to the service if appropriate.”