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Tori’s painting ‘Shine Bright’ is unveiled at Lilac Villa


Dr Mary McDaid, Consultant Lead Clinical Psychologist, Head of Service, Children’s ASD Services at the Western Trust welcomed talented artist Tori McNeill from Derry along with her family to unveil a beautiful painting entitled ‘Shine Bright’ at Lilac Villa, Gransha Park.

Mary said:

“We are delighted to welcome Tori and her family today to unveil her beautiful painting which Tori has chosen to be placed in one of our assessment rooms at Lilac Villa. Tori is a gifted artist who has painted this piece of art work especially for the assessment room which will bring joy, hope and inspiration to all the young people who currently access our services here in Lilac Villa.  Tori named her painting ‘Shine Bright’ and this has definitely transformed this room into a warm, bright and welcoming space for everyone to enjoy. Thank you so much Tori you and your family should be incredibly proud of your achievement – well done and we wish you continued success in the future.”

Tori McNeill said: “

I love inspiring people with disabilities, it makes me proud to be an artist. Painting makes me feel proud, relaxed and happy and has given me more confidence.  I can speak up for myself and I am proud of what I CAN do, being different and being accepted! Let you true colours shine through – Thank you!!

Joan Byers, Assistant Director Children’s Disability Services said:

“Thank you Tori for sharing your beautiful art with the Trust. Tori you are an inspirational young woman.  You are courageous, brave and tenacious. For all those who walk through these corridors whether be at the start of their journey, sitting with a mix of hope and fear of the unknown, your painting provides a beacon of hope that tomorrow can be a brighter day.  Your painting which you have kindly shared with us all to enjoy is a wonderful representation of hope that all our children and young people can ‘shine bright’.”