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Louise O'Dalaigh

Louise O’Dalaigh - Senior Manager - Quality Improvement

When did you start the HSC?

Started in NHS in 1992 and with HSC Northern Ireland in 2003

Why did you choose to work in the HSC?

Chose to work in NHS to commence my nursing career, chose to work in HSC after relocating back to Ireland to raise my family.

Describe what you do?

I am currently the Quality Improvement lead for the Western Trust which is a role that leads, directs , teaches, coaches and advises on quality & safety improvements within Health & Social care with the support of improvement sciences. I help colleagues to make things better.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

There are many great things about my role and the one that stands out most for me is when I witness a colleague or a team of colleagues see their efforts of improvement demonstrated with evidence, they appear noticeably proud of what they have achieved and this is often linked with the purpose and passion that led them to do what they do in their roles- witnessing these moments of glory of acknowledging the improvements in Quality and safety is definitely what I enjoy most about my role.