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Geraldine McKay - Director of Unscheduled Care Medicine, Cancer and Clinical Services

When did you start the HSC?

December 1981 as a Student Nurse

Why did you choose to work in the HSC?

I spent a number of weeks in hospital as a 7yr old child and was totally inspired by the professionalism and care delivered by those who looked after me. I wanted to be part of that.

Describe what you do?

I am a registered nurse who is currently in a Director role I believe the health service free at the point of delivery is at the core of population health and although the pandemic among many other issues have impacted greatly on our ability to deliver those services our job now is to work tirelessly to return to a safe and effective care delivery system that benefits all but particularly cares for the vulnerable groups in society.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love making a difference where possible for patients, staff and the population of the Western Trust and wider geography. We do many things very well and can do a lot more. I am privileged to hold the role I have and frequently reflect on how proud I am to have had a very successful career in the health service and have now returned home to work in the Western Trust where I grew up and where my family still live.