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Deirdre Weekes

Deirdre Weekes (nee McCorry) - Dietitian

When did you start the HSC?

I didn’t start the HSC, I’m not that clever! I first started to work on 02/07/1990 and came to work in Altnagelvin Hospital in July 1995.

Why did you choose to work in the HSC?

I decided I wanted to work in a hospital when I was 8 years old while having my tonsils out, in the Mater hospital. I noticed doctors swan about in white coats seeming to have an easy life. So medicine was my first choice as the very caring nurses had all the unpleasant jobs to do, nothing has really changed in 50 years! Then, I found a way to marry my love of food as nourishment with its health promoting properties more potent and essential as many medicines. Identified early by Socrates who said ”let food be thy medicine”! Therefore, I decided at the age of 15 to be a dietitian and my sister who is a speech and language therapist arranged for me to spend a day with one. This confirmed my chosen career and I have no regrets!

Describe what you do?

I am a dietitian who has worked in 7 different hospitals for 5 different trusts. I have worked in community settings too. I have specialised in health promotion, enteral feeding, diabetes, critical care and parenteral nutrition over the years. I love children but felt I wouldn’t like to work in paediatrics as it would break my heart but have turned my hand to most other specialist areas of dietetics, even management.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love working with people who are endlessly fascinating and I wanted a career that would enhance peoples lives and health using natural means open to all. I enjoy being a public servant and hope I have always given a high quality, value for money service over the last 33 years.