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Rossville Service Users unveil ‘The Masked Artists’ Exhibition

Rossville Service Users unveil ‘The Masked Artists’ Exhibition

Our Adult Learning Disability Services, The Rossville Group, are excited to unveil ‘The Masked Artists’ Exhibition which opens at the Eden Place Arts Centre in Rossville Street, Derry/Londonderry on 14 June to 18 June 2022.

Vanessa Campbell, Senior Day Care Worker, Day Opportunities at Western Trust said: “I am extremely proud and delighted that The Rossville Group are exhibiting their work in Eden Place Arts Centre. The Rossville Group are a Day Opportunities Scheme for Adults with mild and moderate learning disabilities and service users have created an incredible array of art work over the past year. Staff and members are looking forward to the opening of the exhibition on 14 June 2022 at 11am. Their art work is not typical or what you would expect giving it a touch of abstract, therefore we have entitled it ‘The Masked Artists’. Viewers will be very surprised and impressed with the style of work when they reveal the true artists behind it!”

Vanessa thanked Art tutor Hilary Doherty from North West Regional College for encouraging members to draw on their inner self and use various textiles to open their minds into vibrant and colourful demonstrations. She explained: “The work was transferred on to fabrics, silk paintings and even every-day items. The group members designed and produced masks which are intriguing and used transfer paints to colour images. The use of Picasso styled self -portraits using silk painting and transferred on to fabric are my favourite pieces of work but come along for yourself to see this stunning array of art work.

Vanessa continued: “The tutor’s techniques allowed the group, to embrace the opportunity and show off their skills, evolve and discover a love of art and design. This was a great boost for them and provided a distinctly new focus after the lockdowns we experienced. The sessions gave the members an exciting way to communicate their thoughts, feelings and how they perceive themselves through self-reflection. I think they have even surprised themselves!!”

“The concept of the work is to make a statement about artists being able to overcome barriers and basic perceptions to challenge stereotypes and exclusion. Eden Place Arts Centre have facilitated the use of art by marginalised groups with space in the community gallery giving these artists a visible place in the community and we are very appreciative of their continued support.”

Hilary Doherty, Art tutor from North West Regional said: “The group members chatted amongst themselves and enjoyed the classes as a form of art therapy. They experimented with the different styles and approaches which took them on a journey of self-exploration and appreciation. What a great achievement for everyone involved – well done! I hope the service users and public will enjoy this wonderful art exhibition and I would encourage them to continue exploring and developing their artist talent in the future.”