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New Tiny Life Family Support Officer to Families in Omagh and Fermanagh


Ciara McMaugh, Tiny Life Family Support Officer

We are delighted to welcome our new Family Support Officer for Tiny Life, Ciara McMaugh. Ciara is based in the Neonatal Unit at South West Acute Hospital but the majority of her time will be based out in the community supporting Fermanagh and Omagh families.

Commenting on her new role Ciara said: “The staff have been very friendly and very welcoming. Everybody in the South West Acute Neonatal Unit are very keen to have TinyLife on board and we are going to work very well together. I will be based in SWAH every Wednesday to support and provide emotional and practical support to parents of premature babies or babies who have spent time on a Neonatal Unit from birth. Some of the services Tiny Life offer may be a listening ear, offering Tiny Life infant massage (this is tailored for premature babies), opportunity to meet other families who have had premature babies. Also, within the area we provide “TinyTime”, this involves introducing families through play, maybe walks in the park or meet ups in community buildings. I look forward to providing much needed support to local families.”

Emma O’Neill, Head of Operations at TinyLife said, “TinyLife have been advocating and campaigning for a number of years to have a family Support Officer represent the South West Fermanagh Area. TinyLife have a family support officer supporting families in the Northern areas of the Western Trust. The new team member will implement an equal level of services from TinyLife to Western Trust area premature babies and families. TinyLife can now meet parents and their babies at the start of their journey in the NeoNatal Unit and potentially work with them until their child commences pre school/primary school. TinyLife would like to thank the Western Trust area community and professionals for advocating on behalf of TinyLife and we very much look forward to working with families where their baby is born too soon.”