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New Lunch Club in Rehabilitation Ward, Omagh Hospital

New Lunch Club At Rehabilitation Ward OH&PCC

Sr Hazel Barker, Rehabilitation Ward Manager and Rachel Humston, Team Lead Occupational Therapist are delighted with the positive response to the new ‘Lunch Club’ which has been very popular with patients helping them with their physical recovery and well-being whilst inpatients on the Rehabilitation Ward at Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex.

Welcoming the launch of the new Lunch Club in the Rehabilitation Ward Sr Hazel Barker, Ward Manager said:

“The lunch club initiative was introduced recently by our Team Lead Occupational Therapist, Rachel. The patients in the Rehabilitation Ward enjoy participating in the lunch club and look forward to it every week. We are delighted with how the lunch club has helped our patients and has had a positive impact on their mood and benefited their rehabilitation journey.”

Rachel Humston, Team Lead Occupational Therapist explains the benefit of the Lunch Club for patients:

“I am the lead OT here in the Rehabilitation Ward in Omagh Hospital. We started the lunch club because many of our patients were socially isolated and we wanted to do something to combat this. The lunch club allows our patients go down for their lunch to the Common Room and have a chat twice a week for an hour. They really enjoy connecting with each other. We find that patients ask their families to bring in their good clothes. Our male patients like to get showered and shaved that morning and get dressed up for lunch. These small things help with their rehabilitation.”

Rachel continued:

“We try to maximise our patients involvement during their time in the Ward. On occasions we would have a piano player who would come and play for an hour and patients have a sing song and some even read poetry. It does help greatly with their recovery and rehabilitation so they can return home to their loved ones.”