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Maternity Staff introduce a ‘Worry Tree’ to help protect their mental health and wellbeing


Worry Tree at South West Acute Hospital

Maternity staff at the South West Acute Hospital and Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex have introduced a ‘Worry Tree’ to help protect their mental health and wellbeing during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Brenda McCabe, Community Midwife Team Lead at the Western Trust explains: “The concept of the ‘Worry Tree’ is that staff visit the worry tree before they start their shift and leave their worries on the tree during their time at work. This will help them keep a clearer focused professional mind-set to continue to provide the best care and support for mums to be and their babies.”

“The staff get to read each other’s worries and by sharing them we may come up with solutions together and help support each other through this time. Any positivity be it a solution or a mind-set is pined to the blue board around the worry tree.

“This has been incredibly positive for staff to share poetry and quotes that inspire positive thinking and staff are encouraged to read these. The worries are written in grey/black & white and the positives are all colourful and bright. There is also a rainbow behind the worry tree which is an NHS symbol of hope during this difficult time and there are colourful tea lights flickering at the base of the rainbow which encourages hope and positivity!

“The Worry Tree at the South West Acute Hospital was made by a talented local artist Donna Bannon and we are extremely grateful for her generosity in providing the tree to the Maternity Ward.”