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Male Breast Cancer Awareness


The Western Trust is echoing calls for men to self-check for Breast Cancer as part of October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In October every year, people all over the world show their support for those affected by Breast Cancer through Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this year as part of a wider awareness campaign efforts are being made to highlight that although usually associated with women, men can and are also affected by Breast Cancer.

Chris McKeever from Derry is highlighting male breast cancer as part of October breast cancer awareness month and encouraging men to self-check.

Chris explains: “There are 350 men in the UK diagnosed with breast cancer each year. My grandfather was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2018, and we were in shock as we did not think men could get breast cancer. He sadly passed away in March 2021. I would advise all men who have a history of breast cancer in their family to talk to their GP about the risks of the BRCA1 faulty gene. I myself have this gene as well as family members and that is why it is important to raise awareness of male breast cancer. It is a simple blood test which could save lives!

Chris added: “I would also encourage all men to self check – this involves a 30 second examination. You start by lifting your arm and starting from your collar bone down around your nipple and around your arm. If you feel any unusual lumps or bumps please get them checked by your GP.”

Although breast cancer is much more common in women, men can get it too. It happens most often to men between the ages of 60 and 70.

The symptoms of breast cancer in men include:-

  • A lump in the breast – this is usually hard, painless and does not move around within the breast
  • The nipple turning inwards
  • Fluid oozing from the nipple
  • A sore or rash around the nipple that does not go away
  • The nipple or surrounding skin becoming hard, red or swollen
  • Small bumps in the armpit.

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