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Lookback Review into CT Angiogram Imaging


The Western Trust takes all matters of patient safety and its Duty of Care seriously. As a result the Western Trust has today confirmed that it has undertaken a Lookback Review into CT Coronary Angiogram imaging.

Announcing the completion of the Lookback Review, Medical Director at the Western Trust, Dr Catherine McDonnell, said:

“Concerns were raised through the Trust incident reporting system. Initially an audit of a small sample of CT Angiogram images, which had been carried out by a Locum Consultant Cardiologist, was completed.

“The results of that audit prompted the Trust to undertake a full review of all CT Coronary Angiogram imaging which had been conducted by this doctor during their employment with the Trust.”

Continuing Dr McDonnell said:

“A total of 112* images, which affected 99 patients had been carried out by the locum Consultant Cardiologist concerned during the period January 2020 to February 2021. These have all been reassessed as part of the Trust’s Lookback Review into CT Coronary Angiogram Imaging.

“These images were taken at Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex. No other hospitals or healthcare facilities are involved.

“We have written to all 99 patients including those patients where no error was detected or further action recommended so they are aware of the review and reassured that their case has been re-evaluated.

“Letters have been sent by registered post and should arrive over the next few days.

“This is a difficult situation and may cause distress to patients and families involved. I would like to apologise sincerely on behalf of the Trust for upset caused.

“Most patients who receive a letter will not be require a change to their treatment nor be required to take further action.”

Where further action or further clinical assessment is required the Trust will ensure that appointments are offered promptly. Additional clinics are being set up to achieve this.

A helpline and dedicated email address has been established for anyone who receives a letter and has concerns.

Direct Dial Helpline and Support

028 71 610 814 – available to call from 9.00am – 5.00pm, Tuesday 20th July to Friday 23rd July for patients in receipt of a letter.

The Trust has also made available psychological support services for any patient who might be particularly anxious.