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Launch of Strengthened Connections Report


Strengthened Connections

Following on from the the Healthy Connections Report members of Claredon Medical have released the Strengthened ConnectionsReport.

This evaluation was conducted on completion of the delivery of the YWCL Well-being Programme in Clarendon Medical GP Practice. Funding for delivery of the programme was from The Ideas Fund. The story of Yellow Wood Consultancy Limited began with delivery of a pilot programme – Healthy Connections. This was a co-production inspired and led by Roisin Cartmill, Community Social Worker (CSW) and her colleague Caroline Stack. Through that initiative the relationship between the Clarendon Medical community and YWCL began. This report continues the story of the growth of the Clarendon Medical community and that relationship.

Download and Print the Healthy Conncetions Report

Download and Print the Strengthened Connections: Evaluation of a well-being programme delivered through Community Social Workers in a primary care setting Report