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Jophy Maria Johns, Neonatal Nurse, South West Acute Hospital Staff Profile


What motivated you to pursue a career at south west acute hospital?

“In addition to the personal and financial rewards of working as a staff nurse in the South West Acute Hospital, there are many professional benefits to consider also. I got a warm welcome here. The people here are very supportive, the place is very calm and the work environment itself I felt safe for my profession.”

Could you share a significant challenge you have faced in your role and how you overcome it to provide quality healthcare services?

“One of the significant challenge I faced when came at first time was the Fermanagh accent. It was very difficult for me to catch up when my colleagues were speaking even though I was competent in English. But my colleagues, my staff crew, my department, they understood me and they changed their pace while talking with me and this led me to improve myself and to be a part of the team.”

How do you believe your role contributes to the wellbeing and recovery of patients within our community?

“As a registered nurse, I believe that I have to be active, keep on learning and always need to be connect in order to improve the wellbeing of the community and patients whoever I am dealing with.”

Can you highlight a particular patient interaction or medical achievement that you are particularly proud of and why?

“I am working in neonatal unit. One of the happiest and delightful moment of parents is the birth of their child. It is important for me to support and make them strong while their new-born baby is ill. In our department we follow a parent friendly approach and I get the opportunity to talk, to give support and make positive memories for the parents. When a premature or ill baby gets to come home after receiving treatment and care in the neonatal unit this is a very special time for the parents and the neonatal unit staff.  It is a time of thanksgiving and appreciation by the parents after their baby’s recovery and is one of the proudest moments for me.”

How do you ensure delivery of compassionate and effective care in your specific healthcare discipline?

“I will ensure it by practising good manners, take the time to think about what they have been through, and always acknowledge their feelings. It is important to show respect and express gratitude. As a health care provider it is the responsibility to seek high quality education and training to deal with all the situations.”

What aspect of work do you find most rewarding and how does it resonate with your personal values and mission?

“My job as a healthcare provider allows me to help others and thereby perceiving the value of my work. It help to maintain positive work relationships, healthy work life balances and also advancement in opportunities for career development in the Trust.”

How do you manage the demands of your job, and what strategies do you employ to ensure exceptional healthcare service delivery?

“In my opinion, continuously improve the quality by regular reviewing the process, offering more staff training and measure the effectiveness of care and appropriate appraisal or performance review process in place and that staff can understand and follow it.”

Have there been any mentors or colleagues who have significantly influence your practice, and in what way?

“After coming here, my colleagues in my department influenced me very much as they all are very keen to observe, study and improve their knowledge day by day. All of them are performing their roles perfectly within the Nursing and Midwifery Code (NMC). It is improving my way of practise and enhancing my professional role.”

What are your aspirations for the future, and how do you envision the evolution of your role within south west acute hospital?

“I would like to fulfil all my job responsibility and would like to increase my grades by proper professional improvement and learning new processes. I would look forward to the challenges of my role and will plan to work within this growing South West Acute Hospital.”

How do you believe your efforts contribute to the overall excellence and advancement of healthcare services in our local community?

“I will focus on high performances and develop a mastery in my roles, practice resilience to changes and challenges and always try to create a highly collaborative teams. I will communicate and understand our hospitals vision and endeavour to provide the highest quality of care to patients.”