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Human Milk Bank Service makes a fresh appeal for more donor mums!


Human Milk Bank

Our Human Milk Bank service based at the South West Acute Hospital, Enniskillen is making a fresh appeal for more donor mums to come forward and help to provide essential lifesaving donor breast milk for babies in Neonatal Units in hospitals throughout the whole of Ireland.

Susan Rogers, Lead Nurse for Public Health at the Western Trust expressed her thanks to all our Human Milk Bank donors for their support.  She said:

“We are indebted to our donor mums who have continued to provide essential donor breast milk for babies in neonatal and surgical units in hospitals throughout the whole of Ireland.  The Human Milk Bank staff are working very hard to ensure this vital service remains available to all our vulnerable premature and surgical babies as the demand for donor expressed breast milk at this time is exceptionally high.”

“We are continuing to experience a high demand for human milk. Last year the Human Milk Bank provided 973 litres of donor breast milk to 31 units across 27 hospitals throughout Ireland.  This precious lifesaving donor milk has helped 773 premature babies, of which 233 were either a twin or a triplet.  Breast milk gives premature and sick babies the best possible start in life as it helps build their immune system, their eye and brain development and prevent Necrotising Enterocolitis (NEC), which is a devastating intestinal disease affecting premature or low birth weight babies.  We have been very busy processing requests for donor milk to neonatal units across the province and in the Republic of Ireland over the past number of months. It is essential that we recruit donors on a continual basis.  I would appeal to expectant mums to consider becoming a donor and for our donor mums to spread the word about the Human Milk Bank as this is the best way to help us recruit new mums!  We are also extremely grateful for the support of the Voluntary Blood Bikers, who continue to help support the transport our much needed donor breast milk in all weather conditions.”

“We have so many wonderful donor mums who kindly help us raise awareness of our Human Milk Bank service that also share their gift of donor milk on our social media channels. This helps us to spread the word to expectant mums throughout Ireland to keep in mind the need for donor mums to come forward to keep this vital service going.

Our Donor Record Sheet (health screening form) is obtainable on request via the phone number Northern Ireland: 028 6862 8333 for Republic of Ireland: 048 6862 8333.  Alternatively prospective donors may email their request to Thank you for your continued support.”