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Dr Nandha Kumar and Dr Veena Krishnamurthy | South West Acute Hospital


Dr Veena Krishnamurthy

Consultant Anaesthesiologist Dr Veena Krishnamurthy has settled in to her new surroundings at the South West Acute Hospital having swapped India as home to come and work for the Western Trust as an international recruit, just over two years ago. Dr Krishnamurthy has also planted roots in Fermanagh, with her husband Dr. Nandhakumar Caesar Balachandra also working in the South West Acute Hospital and children attending a local school.

She explains her profession journey which led her and her husband to South West Acute Hospital.

“My background to working in Anaesthesia started when I trained as a Junior Resident in 2006. Over the years, I have acquired DA, MD, DESA and FCAI certifications. I have been working in Anaesthesia and Intensive care department in various capacities in India, Kingdom of Oman, Kingdom of Bahrain since 2006.

My husband Dr. Nandhakumar Caesar Balachandra had always discussed our desire to work in the well-structured and evidence based NHS system. The South West Acute Hospital was one of the first few hospitals I had interviewed with. We were impressed with the candid, professional manner in which the recruitment process was conducted and here we are two years later enjoying our roles.”

Describing her passion for her role, Veena continued:

“Anaesthesiology has always fascinated me due to its widespread applications and impact on modern medicine. An anaesthesiologist facilitates Emergency care, Intensive care, surgical anaesthesia managing acute and chronic pain, Obstetric care and more. Anaesthesiologist are Perioperative physicians and Intensivists. As anaesthesia is a relatively young discipline that is growing each day.

Veena added:

“Health and Social care work is going through a very challenging and difficult phase, particularly in the last couple of years with the COVID-19 pandemic. I work in Critical Care and Theatres ICU and Operation Theatre and take care of very seriously ill patients or people going through very stressful situations.

The most satisfying aspect of our job is seeing our patients get better. To see our efforts making a positive impact is what keeps us going.”

Veena continued:

“Working at South West Acute Hospital has introduced me to the well organised NHS structure. SWAH is an active, multidisciplinary hospital with very friendly and welcoming colleagues. As an International medical practitioner, I am thankful for the understanding and gentle guidance of my peers and seniors. We are very impressed by the possibility of career advancement, diversity, equality and openness at SWAH.

“I would definitely recommend working at South West Acute Hospital if one is starting their career in NHS or an experienced doctor is looking for good work life balance. The well-structured and amply supported environment at SWAH helps with the seamless orientation and understanding of NHS standards and practise.

“Working at South West Acute Hospital provides an excellent work-life balance. My family and I enjoy walks through the many gardens maintained by National Trust. We enjoy the children’s play areas, swimming pools, sporting arenas in the town. Enniskillen has a rich culture of sports and outdoor activities like Football, Rugby, Tennis, Table tennis, Rowing, swimming canoeing.. We love shopping in the high street and the occasional movie or night out in the city.

“I think Fermanagh is an excellent place to live especially with a young family as mine. There are some lovely schools with friendly teachers who understand and accommodate the need of expatriate children from varying backgrounds.

“Fermanagh is a beautiful County and the people are the friendliest, generous and most welcoming – we are delighted to make this our home!.”