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Continued significant investment in SWAH Diagnostic Infrastructure


South West Acute Hospital

As part of continued significant investment in South West Acute Hospital’s diagnostic infrastructure, a new MRI scanner will be installed in the Radiology Department at the hospital in the coming weeks. The replacement of the MRI Scanner is the next stage of equipment upgrade for South West Acute Hospital totalling over £1.7M in investment. This includes the recent instalment of a new CT scanner and Digital Radiography Rooms. A new Mobile Image Intensifier for SWAH Theatres is also due to be delivered in the coming months.

In order to provide continuity of service for patients during the replacement of the MRI scanner, rental of a mobile MRI unit has been secured. Works to install the mobile MRI will commence in the coming days, with delivery of the mobile MRI Scanner confirmed for mid-February.

Tracey McIvor, Radiology Services Manager for the Western Trust said:

“We are delighted that essential diagnostic radiology equipment at the SWAH is being updated which includes a new MRI Scanner installation over the next few weeks.

“The South West Acute Hospital provides a local MRI service for patients from Fermanagh and Tyrone, and also delivers the Trust wide Cardiac MRI scanning service. Replacement of the MRI Scanner in SWAH is essential to continue to provide a high quality, safe and efficient diagnostic service for Western Trust patients.

“All recently replaced equipment was installed 10 years ago. Thanks to advances in technology, new equipment for CT and MRI scanning will reduce scanning times and enhance diagnostic capabilities.

“We look forward to continuing to provide the very best quality of care to the Fermanagh and Tyrone communities we serve.”