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COVID19 Community Planning Updates

Collaborative Community Response to COVID19 Pandemic – Read More

Updates with information and guidance, in line with the Public Health Agency, will be published here as and when they become available.

  • Carers Support

    The Carers Support Team provides an information and signposting service for unpaid Carers across the Western Trust area.  A carer is someone who provides support for a relative, friend or neighbour, who is ill, disabled or old and frail. This may be a child, adult or older person.

    The COVID19 crisis has seen an increase in the number of people taking on an informal caring role. Research carried out by Carers UK has indicated an additional 98,000 people have taken up a caring role since the start of lockdown. This brings the Northern Ireland total to 310,000. Many carers are balancing the demands of family commitments, paid employment and a caring role.

    Carers often struggle to find the information they need to support them in their caring role.  If you are an unpaid carer and would like to receive the Carers Newsletter directly to your home address or email, please sign up for the Carers Mailing list.

    Read the latest Carers Newsletter.

    For further information on Carers Support Activities please visit the Carers Information page.

    Guidance for Front Line Workers

    Many of you will be balancing paid work and a caring role. The Carers Support team have received a number of queries from front line staff who are concerned about carrying Coronavirus (COVID19) home to their families and in particular those members of their family with underlying health conditions which makes them vulnerable and high risk.

    Coronavirus (COVID19) has brought a unique set of concerns and worries for Carers. I know many of you are resilient, however some may be struggling emotionally with the changes and pressures this health crisis has brought.

    • There are a number of actions you can take to reduce the risk to your loved ones.
    • Follow the uniform policy at all times – never wear your uniform home.
    • Shower before going or as soon as you return home.
    • Follow the guidance on handwashing.
    • Speak to your manager if you have concerns.

    If you, or the person you care for, develop COVID19 symptoms (high temperature, persistent new cough, shortness of breath) please follow the current Government advice, stay at home, self-isolate and check the NHS website or call NHS111 or your GP for advice. If you have queries regarding a current care package for the person you care for please contact your key worker (Nurse, CPN or Social Worker).

    If an issue arises out of hours that cannot wait until the next working day contact:

    Medical – Western Urgent Care 028 7186 5195
    Social care – Regional Emergency Social Work 028 9504 9999

    Carers Newsletter

    Click Here for more information on the Carers Mailing List and to view the Latest Carers Newsletters.

    Other information
    Carers Northern Ireland 

    NHS Website

    Public Health Agency 

    Local Council information
    Fermanagh and Omagh Council

    Derry and Strabane Council

    We recognise that this is a very worrying time for you all and hope that some of this information will be of use to you. We will use the Western Trust Carers Information page to share and further advice and information.

    Please take care and stay safe.

    Carers Support contact details are as follows:-

    Northern Sector
    Tel: 028 7135 5023 or Mobile: 078 1015 6551

    Southern Sector
    Tel: 028 6634 4163 or Mobile: 075 2589 8985

  • Care Home Support Team
    Current roles and responsibilities of the Care Home Support Team (CHST)

    The CHST have enhanced localCare Home Support Team knowledge of the Western Trust homes, their managers and their staff through regular contact and engagement.

    They have developed strong relationships with the Care Homes through previous involvement and engagement prior to COVID19, and are now their SPOC.

    Managers and staff within the care settings trust and value CHST advice and view the CHST as trusted colleagues who understand their needs.

    They provide face to face training on a wide range of clinical education topics following training needs analysis in each of the homes. They enhance core competencies and are building confidence of Care home staff through a programme of practice development.

    Delivery of tailored clinical training at the request of individual care homes where a specific need has been identified, through audit and risk assessment.

    Co-ordinate and link the homes to up to date training to meet their current training needs in relation to COVID19 within their home via zoom sessions.

    Signpost and link the homes to Allied Health Professional’s within the trust to ensure ongoing needs of residents continue to be addressed and therefore maintaining resident safety and prevention of safeguarding issues.

    Provide links to ensure staff are supported through this difficult time and are offered psychological support if appropriate.

    A listening ear which is often all that is needed to alleviate fear and stress, we are readily available to provide a safe channel to voice their concerns and ideas. We are empathetic to their needs.

    They contact homes daily to monitor and maintain strong surveillance of any issues with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Workforce to proactively identify required actions or escalate concerns to prevent a home entering a crisis situation.

    They are the link with Care Homes, the Trust and the Public Health Agency.

    They give advice on relevant policies and updated guidelines through the current pandemic on IP+C measures and appropriate use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

    They ensure all homes receive up to date guidelines on COVID19 and that homes are working within these guidelines.

    The CHST have audited all homes with AGP’s, and have arranged face fitting and level 3 PPE for staff in the homes to manage AGP’s safely

    They provide advice on the need for staff testing and signpost to the relevant centres.

    They attend weekly conference call meetings with the trust and care home providers.

  • Independent Sector Providers

    Guidance for domiciliary care providers

    For updated guidance for Domiciliary Care Providers in Northern Ireland click here.

    For information for Domiciliary Care Providers see click here.

    Guidance for Nursing and Residential Care Homes

    For information for Nursing and Residential Care Homes see GUIDANCE FOR RESIDENTIAL CARE PROVIDERS – COVID19.pdf.

  • Further Resources

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Also in this Section