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Getting Involved – ‘It’s never too late to get involved’Personal and Piblic Involvement - How can I get involved?

If you have not already done so and would like to get involved in the Personal and Public Involvement Process (PPI) for Learning Disability Services, then please complete the relevant Form below – for either a ‘Carer’ or ‘Service user’. Click on the link to download or read.

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  • Adult Learning Disability Services and Personal and Public Involvement (PPI)

    The Western Trust Adult Learning Disability Service is continuing with a process of developing an involvement mechanism for service users, carers, Trust staff and providers to shape and influence service delivery in the Western Trust Region.

    Following the appointment of an interim PPI Advisory Group and a series of meetings and workshop events, a model has now been proposed and agreed for moving forward with this process. This will see a new ‘Hub and Spoke’ infrastructure with 5 local implementation groups working with a Strategic Involvement Group. The 5 Local Involvement Groups will be in Limavady, Derry, Strabane, Omagh and Fermanagh.

    The Strategic Involvement Group will be made up of representatives of the local hubs and this infrastructure also reflects 5 levels of involvement as per the following:
    Level 1   Involved in agreeing support/care plan with Social Worker and your relative
    Level 2   Involved in evaluating services
    Level 3   Involvement in development of services
    Level 4   Setting priorities and allocate resources for the future at service directorate level
    Level 5  Commissioning and policy development at organisational or regional level

    The interim PPI Advisory Group is working with Trust staff and the Public Health Agency (PHA) to help shape the model and is currently building firm foundations to ensure involvement is wide reaching and meaningful.

    To further enhance the process, there are a number of sub-groups led by an independent facilitator to progress this work.

    Communications sub group – designing communication using a PPI service users and carers database to ensure people are involved through leaflets, interactive website, workshops etc.
    Terms Of Reference (TOR) subgroup – This group is looking at the TOR for the Strategic Involvement Group and this will dovetail with the views on how the Local Involvement Groups will operate.
    Induction and Training subgroup – This group is looking at the type of information and training which will support members of the Strategic Involvement and Local Involvement Group in their respective roles.
    Unmet Need subgroup – This group is collating unmet need which will support groups in determining the shape of services going forward.

  • Getting Involved in The Communications process & "How we Communicate"

    Following requests for involvement, a ‘Communications Workgroup’ has been setup encompassing carers, local group representatives, Trust members and a Communications Manager to help guide the process. The group will look at all aspects of the communications processes which will prove to be beneficial for all carers and service users going forward. Work is already underway to develop the website and online resources and all feedback and ideas from the Involvement Workshops are welcome.

    To provide feedback or ideas in this process send your thoughts by email to:

  • Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) Contact Details
    New PPI Facilitator for Adult Learning Disability Services Roles

    There have been two new PPI Facilitators for Adult Learning Disability Services within the Western Trust – view the videos below for a short introduction to their roles.

    Jonathan McGuigan – Southern Sector –

    Telephone: 028 8283 5124

    Deirdre Kelly – Northern Sector –

    Telephone: 028 7186 4323


  • Pathfinder - Carers Group - Get Involved

    Western Trust Chief Executive, Dr Anne Kilgallen, said: “We see Pathfinder as creating a whole new conversation about Health and Social Care in Fermanagh and West Tyrone. It means taking a detailed honest look at what we’re doing and whether we can do it better.”

    View the Pathfinder Carers Group Document for an insight into the work being completed by Pathfinder in the Fermanagh and West Tyrone Area and the opportunity to join the Pathfinder Carers working group.


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