Private Services

Sometimes patients ask us about ‘going private’. This means paying for your hospital treatment and care yourself, or using a healthcare insurance policy to cover the costs. It’s important to know that the Western Trust provides the same quality of care to everyone, whether the cost of their treatment is paid for by the NHS, by insurance companies, or by the patient. Talk to your doctor or consultant if you want private treatment. They will explain the costs and any professional fees needed to pay the radiologist, the anaesthetist, the surgeon and any other specialists involved with your treatment. Some of our consultant staff carry out private treatment in other hospitals, such as the North West Independent Hospital (NWIH) in Ballykelly. If you want to know more about this, talk to your consultant.

If you decide to go private, you will be asked to sign a form called an ‘Undertaking to Pay’ form. This is a formal agreement telling us that you or your insurance company will meet the costs of your care. You will be also required to complete an insurance form. The access to health care staff will check the form to make sure we have all the details we need. If you do not have private health insurance you will be expected to pay for your hospital treatment in advance of treatment and you should be advised in advance of the cost and ways to pay. Professional fees will be an additional cost to you and will be provided by the consultant.

Booking a single room

Occasionally we have single rooms available in Altnagelvin Hospital that you can book and pay for per night. If you pay for a single room, your treatment and care, any tests you need, and all your meals, will still be paid for by the NHS. We can’t guarantee a single room, even if you’ve booked one, because we may need them for very ill patients or for other clinical reasons. We have more single rooms on our maternity wards than on other wards so if you’re having a baby, your chances of getting a single room are better, though still not guaranteed. If you would like to know more about booking a single room, phone the Access to Healthcare Team for the hospital you will be attending.

Want to know more? We hope this information is helpful. But if you need to know more about private treatment, remember our access to healthcare officers or your consultant will be glad to advise.

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