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Scientific Evidence

The programme is based on a model (EUROACTION) developed by Emeritus Professor David Wood and his cardiovascular medicine group in Imperial College, London. EUROACTION was conducted as a cluster randomised controlled trial of a nurse-led multidisciplinary preventive cardiology programme and included patients with coronary disease and also patients who were at high multifactorial risk as well as their families. One year outcomes published in the Lancet (click here) demonstrated that the programme yielded significant lifestyle and medical risk factor improvements compared to usual care.

The Imperial team then adapted the programme for the NHS and integrated primary and secondary prevention into one programme (MyAction) and located it in the community.

A successful pilot was conducted in Bromley and published in the British Journal of Cardiology in 2011 (click here). Subsequently the MyAction programme was commissioned by NHS Westminster and also Galway in the Republic of Ireland in conjunction with the charity Croi (click here). The results of both the Westminster programme (click here) and the Galway programme (click here) have also both been published.