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Patient Feedback

150 patients in total out of the 204 patients who have attended for an End of Programme assessment so far have completed a satisfaction questionnaire.

  • 85% of patients rated the OHOM programme as excellent, 13% of patients rated the OHOM programme as very good and 2% of patients rated it as good.
Patient comments

“Initially I thought it was going to be a task burden and waste of time. However the opposite is true, it was worthwhile, very informative, good fun and I actually looked forward to it weekly. I truly believe that had this programme been in place when my late husband was alive he too would have engaged this excellent programme and benefited greatly from it.”

“The programme was a great opportunity for me to meet other people who had heart conditions and very happy to get recovery care. It was a relaxed, friendly get together and something I looked forward to every week. The team could not be faulted and it was very reassuring to be monitored, constantly checked individually before, during and after the exercises. The presentations were interesting, informative and well delivered. I could find no fault with anything and would like to thank everyone involved.”

“This is a fantastic programme for anyone following a heart attack. I received the upmost care and attention from all the nurses and the rest of the team. They have without a doubt helped me move forward with my life, equipping me with medical care, knowledge and information on making certain lifestyle changes and positive thinking. Fantastic follow-up programme after hospital discharge. From ‘My Heart My Mind’, I truly thank you all.”

Patient Journey

Read about Carol’s experience of the programme.

“It has given me my life back.” These are the words from 74 year old Carol Coulter from Maguiresbridge, as she describes how the Western Trust’s innovative cardiology programme ‘Our Hearts, Our Minds’ has greatly improved her health, not only physically but emotionally too.

Carol explains: “I had my first heart attack about ten years ago and was shocked to discover I had lost a considerable amount of my heart function. I had two stents fitted, however these did not work and consequently I had another four heart attacks and further stents.”

“This greatly impacted on my health, even to do everyday activities. My ability to move about or even to have a conversation was difficult and worn me out. It was all a burden to me, as I was such an outgoing and active person.

“It also sadly had a dreadful effect on my mental wellbeing and crept up on me, so much so, that I would have panic attacks for fear that I could have another heart attack and die. This feeling was particular great at night time and the worry and anxiety would consume me.

“I had hit rock bottom.”

Carol continued: “During this dreadful time, my Consultant Cardiologist Dr Susan Connolly in the South West Acute Hospital spoke to me about a new programme she was putting together called ‘Our Heart, Our Minds’, based at the Lakeland Forum. It was from this meeting with Dr Connolly that things started to change for the better.

“I was so exciting to try the programme. I had felt so alone for so long and I thought I was finished and nothing more could be done for me.

“The programme began with being assessed by the Our Hearts, Our Minds’ team and they discussed with me how I could begin rehabilitation. My blood pressure was monitored, as well as my weight and I met with the dietician who gave me a plan to control my diet. A member of the medical team also introduced me to light exercise and this was increased throughout the programme duration with no pressure on me to do so.

“I am so incredibly grateful to Dr Connolly and her team – altogether the programme has been wonderful. Each member of the team has impacted on the improvement in my condition – they have given me back my future.

“Thanks to Heart and Minds!”