Over 70s

Any lady who is over the age of 70 is still entitled to have their routine screening mammogram every 3 years.

However they will not be called for automatically like previous years.

When a lady comes for her routine mammogram between the ages of 68/69 they will be given an appointment card with the month and year they will next be due a mammogram and their screening number on the back so they can ring up and request the appointment when next due.

If your mobility changes it is important that you inform the staff at the screening centre so that adequate time can be allowed for your appointment.

It is important for ladies over the age of 70 to still be breast aware and look for changes. If you are experiencing symptoms of breast cancer it is important that you visit your G.P and get referred to the symptomatic service (please see symptomatic clinic link)

To make a routine screening appointment if you are over 70 please ring the screening centre appointment desk on 02871611443 and press option 1


Screening Centre Appointment Desk

Press Option 1

Call us028 7161 1443