Family History Clinic

A weekly Family History Clinic is held at Altnagelvin Hospital by the Breast Nurse Practitioner.

Women who are concerned about a potential family history of breast cancer are advised to see their GP who will make a referral to the Family History clinic if necessary.

On receipt of a referral all new patients will be sent a family history questionnaire. We ask that they complete this to the best of their ability, although we understand it may not be possible to know all the details. The questionnaire is used to draw the family tree. This information is used as part of the risk assessment process.

During the Family History Clinic women are offered a clinical examination, and, if appropriate, a mammogram. If other investigations are required relating to the breast examination these are arranged. A full discussion of their family history takes place and advice is offered on the level of risk and future screening needs.

Many women can be reassured that they are in the ‘Population Risk’ group and therefore have a similar lifetime risk to other women in the population of the same age and can therefore be screened every three years from age 50 to 70 as part of the National Breast Screening Programme.

Some women may have a Family History which falls into a ‘Raised’ or ‘High Risk’ group and may be advised of additional screening e.g. in the form of annual mammography. There are close links with the Regional Genetics Service and some women, after initial assessment, will be referred to this service.

Fiona Rankin – Breast Nurse Practitioner

Kirsty Stewart- Family History Secretary

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