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Children and Families

Evidence demonstrates that effective intervention in early child development can bring significant benefits throughout childhood and into adult life. Giving every child the best start in life is a key strategic priority.

A supportive home environment and strong parenting skills have been shown to have positive outcomes for health, wellbeing, educational attainment and other achievements across the lifespan.

  • Child Development Interventions Coordinator (CDIC)

    The role of the CDIC role is to build a network of providers across the statutory, voluntary and community sector to support delivery of and engagement with Evidence Based Parenting Programmes (EBPP), universal and tier 2, to engage in training and delivery of programmes within and across sectors.

    The CDIC also promotes EBPP provision across age spectrum to reduce need for engagement of families with statutory Tier 3 provisions.

  • Evidence Based Parenting Programmes

    A wealth of evidence exists on Evidence Based Parenting Programmes. The Western Trust promotes many Evidence Based Parenting Programmes.

    • Incredible Years Programmes
    • Solihull Programmes
    • Parents Plus Programmes


    This publication lists the evidence-based parenting programmes being delivered in Northern Ireland, supported by Child Development Interventions Coordinator (CDIC)

    Click here for link to booklet – PDF attached

  • Positive Infant Mental Health Promotion

    Infant Mental Health is the recognition that a baby’s early years, the first 1001 days of a baby’s life, are deeply significant as the brain is developing every minute of every day.

    How we respond to a baby’s cues shape the pathways in the brain. Loving and responsive experiences in their life through key relationships during the first few years will affect how the brain connects and is shaped.


  • Autism Social Cafes

    The Health Improvement Equality and Involvement Department have been working in partnership with organisations across the statutory, community and voluntary sector to deliver autism social cafes to support parents and carers of children of all ages who:

    • have an autism diagnosis
    • are awaiting an assessment
    • are displaying early indicators (suggesting their child may be Neurodiverse)


    The aim is to raise awareness of local support

    • bringing parents and services/organisations together under one roof
    • to learn what support can be offered to families, in an informal, friendly, none clinical environment.
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    For more information, please contact the Child Development Interventions Coordinator, Health Improvement Equality and Involvement Department on;


    Phone: 028 7186 5127