VC2020 – What do I need?

Okay. I am interested. What are the practical issues?

If you are interested in participating in the Video Consultations you will need

  1. A mobile telephone number
  2. To be able to access a device that has microphone, speaker and video capability (usually a smart phone, laptop or tablet). If you are unsure on how to use, you can always ask a friend or family member to help you with this.
  3. An internet connection.
  4. An active email address
How to download the Pexip app


What are the next steps?

Complete the consent form to share your permission to arrange the video appointment. The booking team will arrange this appointment and contact you via a text message with details.

Where can I find the consent form?

If you received this in post, you will find the consent form in the same envelope along with the letter of invitation from your healthcare professional

Otherwise, you can fill out the online form below

Virtual Consultation Consent Form

Virtual Consultation Consent Form
    Length of time this consent is given for the Western Trust to contact you.