Trust Board

The Western Health and Social Care Trust Board has the following responsibilities:
  • sets the strategic direction of the organisation
  • reviews performance and quality outcomes
  • determines effective stewardship of the organisation’s resources
  • ensures that the highest standards of governance and personal conduct are maintained
The membership of the Trust Board is:
  • Mr S Pollock, Chairman
  • Ms R Laird, Non-Executive Director
  • Mr S Hegarty, Non-Executive Director
  • Mr J McPeake, Non-Executive Director
  • Mrs M Woods, Non-Executive Director
  • Mr J Campbell, Non-Executive Director
  • Mr G McIlory, Non-Executive Director
  • Mrs C O’Mullan, Non-Executive Director
  • Dr Anne Kilgallen, Chief Executive
  • Mr N Guckian, Director of Finance & Contracting
  • Dr B Brown, Executive Director of Nursing / Director of Primary Care & Older People
  • Ms D Mahon, Executive Director of Social Work/Director of Women’s and Children’s Services
  • Dr C McDonnell, Medical Director
  • Ms G McKay, Director of Acute Hospital Services (in attendance)
  • Ms K O’Brien, Director of Adult Mental Health & Disability Services (in attendance)
  • Mrs A McConnell, Director of Human Resources (in attendance)
  • Mr A Moore, Director of Strategic Capital Development (in attendance)
  • Mrs T Molloy, Director of Performance and Service Improvement (in attendance)
  • Mr O Kelly, Head of Communications (in attendance)

To obtain a copy of the Register of Interests of our Trust Board members, please contact the Chief Executive’s offices (contact details below).

Papers of the Board’s Committees can be available from the Chief Executive’s Office. Please email:


Trust Board meeting for 2020 are listed below, further dates to be agreed. 

Trust Board meetings will commence at 11.00am.

  • Thursday, 9 January 2020, Denis Desmond Room, Trust Headquarters, Altnagelvin Hospital, Londonderry
  • Thursday, 5 March 2020, Boardroom, Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex, Omagh
  • Thursday, 7 May 2020, Boardroom, South West Acute Hospital, Enniskillen
  • Thursday, 11 June 2020, Denis Desmond Room, Trust Headquarters, Altnagelvin Hospital, Londonderry